How It Works

Welcome to ZON: Simplifying Your Path to Health and Wellness

At ZON, we believe in streamlining the process to help you achieve complete health and wellness. Our approach is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring you get the assistance you need with ease.

Setting Up Your Account

Getting started is a breeze. Once you've created your account and it's verified, you'll gain access to a world of health and wellness support.

Finding Your Ideal health & wellness Professional

Use ZON to swiftly locate a health & wellness professional whose background, experience, and credentials align with your specific needs.

No Account Setup Charges

We're committed to transparency. There are absolutely no charges for setting up your ZON account. You only pay when you select a health & wellness professional and begin your care journey.

Monthly Billing for Services

We keep it simple with monthly billing for your chosen programs, making budgeting a breeze.

Hassle-Free Appointment Requests

Reach out to your chosen health & wellness professional with appointment requests. All your communications, including chat and video calls, are seamlessly managed through our app.

Virtual Sessions for Your Convenience

All services are delivered virtually through video chat sessions, ensuring your health and wellness journey is both accessible and convenient.

Secure Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept most major credit and debit cards. Rest assured, your payment details are handled with the utmost security.


Your well-being is our priority. If you find that your chosen health & wellness professional isn't the right fit, you can easily switch or cancel your subscription with just a 30-day notice.